2020 Stewardship

Prayerfully consider and make your commitment now

Annual Stewardship Campaign

Calvary’s Stewardship program centers on the belief that everything we have – our time, talents and treasure – is a gift from God.  Each of us is appointed by God to be stewards or managers of what belongs to God and not to us.  The focus of Calvary’s Stewardship program is not on fund-raising to pay the bills but on prayerful consideration of how God is calling each of us to use the gifts HE has given us.  We believe that the Biblical standard of giving is the tithe or 10%, and we encourage all our members to work towards that goal.

For the past few years, Calvary has followed the New Consecration Sunday approach to stewardship.  The program focuses on percentage giving and invites everyone to “step up” their giving to the next level from where they are now as a percentage of their income.

Calvary’s annual stewardship ingathering is November, however adjustments to an estimate of giving can be made in confidence at any time during the year.

John Banger is Calvary’s Team Leader for Stewardship.  John works in conjunction with the Church Treasurers and Clergy on financial matters.  To speak with John about Calvary’s Stewardship campaign or the New Consecration Sunday program, you can reach him by email at

Take one step up . . . For Christ and His Church


Giving Through Wills and Trusts

More information will be available in the coming weeks.  Please visit again soon.