Fellowship as an opportunity to meet socially to enjoy God’s creation of each other. Calvary’s Fellowship Team meets regularly to plan events and activities which serve to strengthen our bonds to Calvary and to each other. Fellowship activities are one of the ways that we welcome newcomers and integrate them into the body of Calvary.

In a typical year our fellowship activities include events as diverse as the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and a visit to a Trenton Thunder baseball game followed by a barbecue. An annual parish picnic is held in June as well as a variety of “covered dish” suppers and breakfasts held during the year, often to commemorate special days in the Church Calendar. The fellowship team also takes responsibility for organizing the coffee hour after each of the Sunday services. Coffee hour provides an excellent opportunity for chatting with friends and meeting people.

Events planned for 2018 include a Octoberfest Event and a Road Rally Event as well as the more typical activities. We are also planning an open fellowship meeting to be held in the Parish Hall in March at which we will be looking for new members for the Team, and for new ideas to make fellowship at Calvary fun and rewarding for everyone.


Calvary is blessed to have such a beautiful church that is so critical to our Worship, Fellowship, Education and Outreach Ministries. As such, the Property Team is an important part of maintaining and improving our facilities.  The team not only prioritizes ongoing maintenance projects, but also organizes clean up days and maintenance of the grounds around the church. If you have a talent for small or large maintenance projects, or lawn maintenance, please contact Jeff White, Vestry Liaison for the Property Team.





Calvary’s Communication Ministry is a vibrant group of staff and parishioners who maintain all areas of communication and media for the Church.


The team’s primary activities include but are not limited to:

  • Promote Calvary’s faith-filled activities to the larger Flemington community through various communication channels
  • Support the “guest” experience in conjunction with the Welcome Team
  • Create & produce bulletins, monthly newsletters, annual reports
  • Maintain the website, social media and provide technical support for IT issues
  • And so much more….

Jennifer Poruczynski is Calvary’s Parish Administrator and Mirelle White is the Communications Team Lead.  To speak to Jennifer or Mirelle about Communication activities, you can reach them by email at and


Community Outreach has always been a key ministry area for Calvary Episcopal. Based on a number of recent workshops, Calvary affirmed our focus on helping others in our community. Throughout the year, the congregation can participate in supporting our local food pantry, fund raising for groups like Family Promise with events like Box City and the Crop Walk.  Look for more opportunities to directly give back to the community. If you have other ideas or charities you would like to nominate for support, please contact Christine Little, the Vestry Liaison for Outreach.





We are a welcoming community of faith and invite you to worship with us during our regularly scheduled services. All baptized Christians are welcome to participate in the Eucharist or request a blessing.




Calvary’s Stewardship program centers on the belief that everything we have – our time, talents and treasure – is a gift from God.  Each of us is appointed by God to be stewards or managers of what belongs to God and not to us.  The focus of Calvary’s Stewardship program is not on fund-raising to pay the bills but on prayerful consideration of how God is calling each of us to use the gifts HE has given us.  We believe that the Biblical standard of giving is the tithe or 10%, and we encourage all our members to work towards that goal.

For the past few years, Calvary has followed the New Consecration Sunday approach to stewardship.  The program focuses on percentage giving and invites everyone to “step up” their giving to the next level from where they are now as a percentage of their income.

Calvary’s annual stewardship ingathering is November, however adjustments to an estimate of giving can be made in confidence at any time during the year.

John Banger is Calvary’s Team Leader for Stewardship.  John works in conjunction with the Church Treasurers and Clergy on financial matters.  To speak with John about Calvary’s Stewardship campaign or the New Consecration Sunday program, you can reach him by email at

Take one step up . . . For Christ and His Church



Calvary Church’s music program is an integral part of the worship experience. The hymns, songs, anthems, and instrumental music in Calvary worship services are intended to support the lessons being taught during the service and underline the message, so people leave the service with a fuller understanding of God’s message to us. Music provides another channel for the message, one that for many people bypasses the brain and goes directly to the heart.

Music also serves to engage people in the worship service, so it is important that people can enjoy, recognize and participate in the musical portions of the service. Hymns and anthems are chosen to be appropriate to the season as well as the Scripture lessons, and to provide a balance of old and new, familiar and not-yet-familiar.

The Choir is composed of adults and high school youth who love to sing, with varying levels of musical background. In addition to leading hymns and service music, the Choir sings anthems that are appropriate for the season and the lessons for the day, both traditional and contemporary pieces that are true to the Anglican heritage. The Choir rehearses weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:00AM, with additional rehearsals for special services. No audition or prior choral experience is required, only a love of music and a commitment to spreading God’s word through music.


Calvary has an active Welcome team whose primary responsibility is to welcome newcomers and visitors and make them feel comfortable during their initial visit to Calvary. Welcomers, also known as greeters, are the “front line troops”, welcoming God’s guests, and delivering the message that Calvary’s “Red Doors” are where all can enter into a vibrant relationship with God.



Altar Guild

In the Episcopal Church, the Altar Guild is a group of men and women who are called to serve God by preparing and tending the places where we worship. The work of the Altar Guild usually proceeds quietly behind the scenes. The Altar Guilds’ primary purpose is to care for service equipment and prepare the church for worship services.

Before each worship service, the Altar Guild member “on duty” sets up the Eucharistic vessels and linens on the altar and prepares the bread and wine to be used in the Eucharist. He or she also makes sure the appropriate altar and pulpit hangings for the season are in place and marks the Scripture readings for the day.

After the service, everything is carefully cleaned and put away to be ready for the next service. Members take turns to launder and iron the linens. In addition, Altar Guild members assist in some services such as the stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday, and help decorate the church for special holy days like Christmas and Easter.

Members of the Altar Guild share a number of other responsibilities, such as purchasing vestments and linens and replenishing the supply of bread, wine and candles. The Altar Guild meets once a month to clean and polish the silver and brass and check supplies.

All parishioners, men and women, young and old, are welcome to become members of the Altar Guild.